About KFD

I’ve spent most of my career cleaning up after people in their darkest times. It’s been my job to clean out homes that have been foreclosed upon or abandoned outright.

There have been some tough moments. Looking at sidewalks with the handprints of children in them. Growth charts on the wall that document years of history. Every home tells a story that is important.

In home after home, I’ve also found one constant: the kitchen faucet.

Carpets might be trashed. Appliances might be ripped out. There could be holes in doors, walls, or windows. Yet in over 1,000 homes I’ve cleaned and repaired, there has never been damage to the kitchen faucet.

Strange as it might seem, it is my belief that this one simple fixture is what brings us all together. That’s why it is so important to get it right.

For my fellow professionals, I’ve put together this site to talk about how we can better serve our clients while creating revenue-generation opportunities.

For homeowners and DIY experts, we can discuss what it takes to find the best kitchen faucets for your space.

From style to design to product recommendations, Kitchen Faucet Depot is your one-stop solution that can help bring you and yours closer together.

Yours in Renovating,

Dean Solis, Site Editor.